kenjohnsonI am both honored and humbled to be your National Chairperson. In exchange for your support and positive regard, I pledge to uphold the mission of the organization with commitment and courage.

With that in mind, I want to share a few thoughts with you about our organization, our purpose and our future.

First, our organization is commissioned to serve in an advisory capacity to the Commissioner regarding the enhancement of employment opportunities for African Americans and for the improvement of service to the African American community. However, while we may offer input to the Commissioner on matters that may impact largely African American employees, as an organization we do not represent employees. Lest there is confusion, representation of employees is solely the right granted to the union(s).

I restate our mission statement only to emphasize its broader value. While commissioned with a specific focus, we assess and advise from a more comprehensive view. This is an important distinction, as it can be argued, what is good for African American employees is synonymous with what is good for the Agency. The truth of this statement is justified by the belief, members of BAAC join with the leadership of the Agency in desiring what is best for all employee.

Kenneth Johnson
National Chairperson