Erik Jones, Assistant Deputy Commissioner for Operations

In his capacity as the Assistant Deputy Commissioner for Operations at SSA, Erik helps direct and manage a large organization of federal employees, geographically dispersed across the nation and the world.  Last year, Operations employees served more than 40 million visitors, handled over 37 million calls and completed nearly 8 million claims for benefits.  Additionally, Erik shares oversight of 15,000 state Disability Determinations Services employees who are responsible for making initial disability decisions, requests for reconsiderations on those decisions, and continuing disability reviews. 


Erik served in a number of other executive positions prior to joining Operations, including in the Office of Quality Review, the Office of Budget, and Office of Disability Adjudication and Review.


Erik is a graduate of the University at Buffalo with Bachelors degrees in German and Management, as well as a graduate of Indiana’s School of Public and Environmental Affairs with Masters degrees in Public Affairs and Environmental Science.