2019 BAAC National Leadership Training Symposium

August 16 2019

A Lesson in Preparedness

Welcome to the registration site for the
2019 BAAC National Leadership Symposium.

The National Coordinating Committee of the Black Affairs Advisory Council (BAAC) will host the 2019 BAAC National Leadership Symposium on Friday, August 16, 2019 in Baltimore, Maryland in the East Conference Center. The theme for the event is “A Lesson in Preparedness – Tools to Engender your Success!”  Those interested in attending will need to complete registration.  Participants will hear from an array of outstanding presenters and will enjoy an enriching and empowering learning experience.  Come, learn, and be prepared to reach your full potential.

NOTE: This event is sponsored BAAC.  No administrative leave or duty time will be granted.  Participants must request and receive approval of leave by their respective management official to attend.  All expenses occurred to participate in this event must be covered by the individual.