Black Affairs
Advisory Council

Our Story

BAAC was officially recognized in 1981 and chartered in 1991.  Its purpose is to serve as an advisor to the Commissioner of Social Security on issues and concerns important to African American employees and the broader community serviced by the Social Security Administration (SSA).  BAAC’s main objectives are to encourage and promote equality in service for the African American community and to ensure that the public is well informed about their rights under the programs SSA administers.  BAAC monitors the equal employment and public outreach efforts of the Agency to better serve their constituents.  BAAC’s major initiatives include the National Bone Marrow Donor Program, community outreach programs, health issues that affect African Americans and career development activities for SSA employees. 

In 1981, the two groups of employees in OHA, Arlington, Virginia and the Security West Building in Baltimore received official recognition from the Commissioner of Social Security. They later merged to form the Black Affairs Advisory Council’s National Coordinating Committee. 

Initially, BAAC served as an advisory committee to the office of Civil Rights and Equal Opportunity. The Black Affairs Advisory Council now serves as an advisory